LOVE EVER MORE is the culmination of two friends trying to find a path in life that makes them happy. Frank and Taj, friends since highschool, have shared many interests over the years; music, video games, computers, but most importantly photography. Although nothing more than a hobby at first, it dawned on them that capturing the most important day of a couple's life is what they wanted to do with their lives. They are passionate photographers who love nothing more than beautifully capturing your wedding day, dedicated to providing gorgeous pictures that you'll love forever...

Frank Scallo: Photographer


I started dabbling in photography when my daughter was born. Someone had to take the pictures and my wife decided it would be me. I caught the bug fast!

I started shooting seriously over 10 years ago. I studied photography through a mix of apprenticing, reading on my own and practice! I began second shooting weddings for a while and eventually took the leap to go on my own.

My style is best described as journalistic with a flare. I like a classic look with a modern pop. I also have a background in graphic design which I feel helps me in the post-processing side of this business.

My absolute favorite thing about this? I love journaling your day through images; telling a fantastic story that will last forever. This is fun!

Taj Dickinson: Photographer


I was very young when I had my first encounter with a camera. My dad had a 35mm camera with a telephoto lens that I swore was a mile long! Many shots were taken with that camera; camping trips, birthdays and even air shows. I was always fascinated with that camera... but was never allowed to touch it.

Many years later, inspired by an old friend, I purchased my first camera; a Minolta AF50, a cheap 35mm point-and-shoot sold in a plastic blister pack hanging from a rack at the local electronics store. Many shots were taken with this camera as well, capturing memories as well as trying to develop an artistic eye for photography.

Now armed with over a decade of experience (as well as a big boy camera!), I put my skills and passion for photography to work for you, capturing those once in a lifetime moments on the most important day of your lives!